Libraries Don't Need Amazon's Help

The idea that libraries offer no value beyond book rentals and free WiFi is ludicrous. Public libraries are community-building, neighborhood-revitalizing, democracy-promoting, history-preserving, literature-loving, art-appreciating, resource-providing, artist-supporting, discourse-sparking strongholds.

My Much-Needed Break from Writing

Last week my husband, my son, and I went on a family vacation to New York City. Like any respectable writer, I packed the essentials — laptop, mouse, notebook, journal, and printouts of my recent fiction (to proofread and edit, of course). I was going to see the sights with my boys during the day and do the writer thing at night once my kiddo was asleep.

Finding My Tribe

Ah, conferences. Those multi-day, exhausting events where like-minded individuals gather together to wax poetic on a specific subject.

Generally, I’m not a fan.

What Grant Writing Taught Me About Freelancing

I’ve been a grant writer for nonprofit organizations for 13 years. During that time, I’ve written hundreds of proposals, raising over $6 million in grants in support of arts programs. I’ve also served as a grants panelist for government agencies in both California and New York.

The Dilemma of Modern Parenting

My son is on a summer camp field trip today. He, along with 99 other campers, is going to a public pool 30 minutes north. According to the camp director, another local camp with about 50 kids will be there. Plus, maybe the YMCA camp. And the pool is open to the public. And it’s going to hit 90 today. So, really, hundreds of individuals   will be descending on this pool in the coming hours. And my 5-year-old will be one of them.